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Telecom Healthcare Solutions


Healthcare Solutions designed for the UK

Ocean Telecom has been working with Healthcare professionals for decades. With our deep understanding of the challenges surgeries face, we have developed a number of solutions. Our Telecom Healthcare solutions will help you deliver a better patient experience, and release valuable time for you own staff.

Telecom Healthcare Solutions

Key requirements

  • Speed up answering and clearing patient calls
  • Reduce waiting times & complaints
  • Quickly “click-to-dial” from patient records
  • Record calls for staff training and to resolve complaints
  • Full call reporting
  • Introduce Video Triage for patient consultations
  • Dial from Patient records / Clinical system
  • Flexible location management for Doctors and District Nurses
  • Improve staff safety

Medical Queue Buster

Patient Call manager

Patient Recorder

Patient Recorder
  • Records all inbound and outbound calls
  • Easily search and playback patient calls
  • Settle disputes quickly and easily
  • Ensure conversation accuracy for records
  • Replay for poor quality calls and language barriers
  • Use to train staff on call handling
  • Fully encrypted and admissible in court

Patient caller

Speed up patient calling and improve accuracy. With Patient Caller, simply highlight the Patient’s number on your PC or Laptop, and “click to dial”. Our system will automatically connect you to the Patient.

Call anyone from any location on your database, not just your clinical system. You can quickly contact Suppliers and staff in the same way.

GP Video appointments

Telecom Healthcare Solutions

Carry out remote video appointments with patients. Our GP video appointments platform allows you to create video call sessions with patients and have face to face interaction. It’s quick and easy to manage. With the advent of COVID, video has become the new norm, with more and more practitioners and patients adopting the technology.

Practitioners can use any device to carry out the video call, PC’s, laptops, as well as Android or Apple devices. Video calling is incorporated into the Ocean Healthcare system. It’s easy to use for staff and patients alike, and there’s no need to switch between different programs.

Patient Report

Patient Report

Running a successful Health Practice is a challenge. We provide tools to help track your communications performance. You can view live information, or run reports over a huge array of criteria. This information is invaluable. It can help zero in on any problems quickly so they can be addressed. You can also see a broader picture of your staff performance.


  • Realtime statistics and actions
  • Web-based
  • Advanced search options
  • CSV, PDF, XLS export, PNG export for charts
  • Schedule reports, alarms and notifications via email


Telecom Healthcare Solutions

With our platform, you’re staff don’t need to be tied to a traditional desk phone. Our Solutions uses Webrtc. In simple terms, that means that you can access the entire platform from any device that can connect to the internet. Mobile phones, tablets, PC’s, MACS & deskphones.

This allows staff to work from home, or any location with internet access if required. They appear on the system to other users as if they were in the office.

Users can interact with each other by calling, instant chat, and video. Chat groups can be created for Doctors and admin staff alike. Even when on a call to a patient, messages can be sent to colleagues to request information or assistance.

Technology that makes you feel safe

Telecom Healthcare Solutions

Verbal and physical abuse. Aggressive, offensive, intimidatory, or disrespectful behavior. None of these are acceptable, and we provide tools to help combat these scenarios for you and your staff.

  • Video door entry
  • CCTV
  • Panic buttons to summon help
  • Encrypted Call recordings that are admissible in court

To find out more about how Ocean Telecom can help your practice, talk to one of our team:

Colin Penston
Sales Manager

Jenny Watkins
Account Manager

Matt Stanbridge
Account Manager

Robert Gammon
Account Manager

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